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CIC Hearing Aids
Jillian W.
hearing problem

I bought this set for my grandma as her birthday gift, since her old hearing aid always had sound quality problem. The Amplifier is very comfortable to wear and according to my grandma, the sound is nice and clear. It come with difference size of headset convers, which is so considerate and thoughtful. And she definitely love the outlook for the set, looks just like a Bluetooth headset.The customer service is awesome as well. I lost my package the first time and then they ship the second one for me right away. So I can got this for my grandma's birthday just in time.

The device is excellent!! The sound is soft, I have 3 degrees of tight on both ears, and then I had to reduce the sound in the device a little, when I put two devices at once, it it I previously wore only one right device and it was twisted too much. Purchase is satisfied, the device came charged, the package is whole, in Nizhnevartovsk arrived in time. Recommend.

That they are going to work

So that i could hear better.

CIC Hearing Aids
Beatrice K.

Nine days to arrive. It's perfect, good hearing, some metal sounds are crammed and annoy a little even if the volume is low. It's discreet. But overall everything is perfect.

The hearing aid you want

The hearing aid is nearly invisible in my ear. I have tried a couple of different in-the-ear hearing aids. The others didn't fit correctly and they screeched at me, a lot. The hearing aid fit my ear the first time I tried inserting it in my ear, it didn't screech at me at all once it was in my ear canal and the sound quality is every bit as good as others that I have tried at a higher price. I am very happy with my selection.

CIC Hearing Aids
Humbert S.

I have not heard well in years. These are amazing. Can't say thank you enough!!

Tried several this is the best by far!!

I have tried several and this is the best, I believe in back ups so I have ordered another pair, just a little upgrade but didn't need to as these are perfect, the price is unbeatable I think!! LOVE THEM!!!

CIC Hearing Aids
Michael M.

I'm still adjusting to them. So far they are working well.

CIC Hearing Aids
stephen M.
The Best Hearing Aids.

I purchased five Sets of hearing aids. The best fitting and clearest are CIC MINI.

CIC Hearing Aids
Robert A.

CIC Hearing Aids

CIC Hearing Aids
Stephen A.

the only issue I have is the fit. they don't seem to go in far enough, but they do stay in.

New user

I'm into my first month with the aids. Happy so far. Still getting used to them, but they really help in public places, ie, choir practice, lunches with friends, etc.

They looked very nice but didn’t fit in my ears I have very small ear canels and they wouldn’t fit in

A great device.

This is a very discrete device that can change your life quality.


They do want to work there way out of your ears when you move your mouth.


They seem to work as advertised getting used to hearing things I haven't heard in a long time work in progress!

CIC Hearing Aids
Carolyn G.

It will take some getting used to having never worn hearing aids before.

CIC Hearing Aids
Horace T.
Best value for the price

I am actually very happy with the product. My hearing loss is at about 25% in both ears and the hearing aids really does help me while I am in the office and communicate with my co workers. I only wear the in closed office settings.

CIC Hearing Aids
Kenneth S.
This is the best thing since mothers milk!

Just got them today and charged them up and put them in and instantly fell in love with them. I have been wearing hearing aids for several years. I like CIC and these are. really great!

Superb! I never heard my mandolin this beautifully and clearly.

Ive only had the buds in my ears for a couple hours but right out of the box with no adjustments theyre far better than the $2,500 Rextons I got at Costco. I cant believe my ears -:)

Quality sound at great price.

Quality of sound, ease of use plus rechargeable batteries is a plus. Only negative, small power switch on each devise might make it hard for older users to operate.

Comfortable, easy to use.

Now able to hear sounds clearly, very suitable, clear voice.. Thank you very much! So far, they have worked well and comfortably, forgetting they exist, and I can understand my family now.

I am hearing things I haven't heard in years, amazing.

Thank You for this product. Being able to hear things that were
only muffled and now much clearer. The ease to recharge and
not have to maintain batteries with the rechargeable batteries,
is a very nice feature.

CIC Hearing Aids
Once you get them adjusted for your hearing they are awesome.

Once I figured out how to adjust them from my hearing, I was much better off. It wouldn’t have been appreciated to have these tips. Once suggested, figured out that one of my ears did not hear very well or is the other one is still pretty good. The one thing I’m still trying to get use to is you can hear your own Voice more amplified than without which I guess is to be expected. Very reasonably priced for quality of product.

CIC Hearing Aids
Robert C.
They do what I expect

I've had them now for about 2 weeks. They seem to work fine. I had very expensive hearing aids for the last decade + that were in need of repair and were estimated to cost at least $500 to fix. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and my long-term prognosis is unclear at this point. These hearing aids are sufficient for my needs at this time and at significantly less cost.

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